About Us

Silkroad Wine & Spirits was formed to develop products that are accessible to the entry level sake novice and to also introduce truly higher end & unique sake products to sake connoisseurs.

Silkroad Wine & Spirits is committed to developing "Sake" and other Japanese alcohol beverages that offer a whole new concept and vision. By working closely with the breweries we represent, we strive to develop a product line that will not only sell well, but will create a trend in that marketplace nationwide.

Our commitment starts at the planning stage and continues through to the end product. Our belief is everyone involved in developing and promoting our product must truly believe in the product or it will not perform well in the market place. "True Faith" behind each and every product will sell the product, no matter how long it takes.

Offering not only unique products makes us different, but the belief and pride in the quality of our products is what truly separates us from our competitors.



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Silkroad Wine and Spirits

A Division of Pacific International Liquor Inc. 
Established March 2008

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